Other Statutory Committees


In view of its size the Issuer has taken the view that whilst it considers the role and function of each of the remuneration committee and the nomination committee as important, it would be more efficient for these committees to be merged into one committee ( โ€œRemNom Committeeโ€) that would serve a dual role.

The RemNom Committee is composed of Dr Chantelle Marie Coleiro (Chairperson), Mrs Marzena Formosa and Mr. David Demarco.ย  In its function as remuneration committee the Committee is charged with the oversight of the remuneration policies implemented by the Company with respect to its management and employees. Its objectives are those of deciding a remuneration policy aimed to attract, retain and motivate directors, whether executive or non-executive, as well as senior management with the right qualities and skills for the benefit of the Issuer. It is responsible for making proposals to the Board on the individual remuneration packages of directors and senior management and is entrusted with monitoring the level and structure of remuneration of the non-executive directors.

In its function as nomination committee, the committeeโ€™s task is to propose to the Board candidates for the position of director, including persons considered to be independent in terms of the Listing Rules, whilst also taking into account any recommendation from shareholders. It is to periodically assess the structure, size, composition and performance of the Board and make recommendations to the Board regarding any changes, as well as consider issues related to succession planning. It is also entrusted with reviewing the policy the Boardโ€™s policy for selection and appointment of senior management.


The Supervisory Committee is made up of Mrs Marzena Formosa (Chairperson), Mr Albert Frendo and Mr Edwin Borg. The Board delegates specified authority to and accountability for the Company to this Committee. The Supervisory Committee is responsible to supervise the processes of leasing and award of contracts. The Supervisory Committee also supervises the management of the Company to ensure the attainment of its strategy and objectives, by monitoring the execution of policy matters delegated by the Board.