I love visiting Malta; not just as a holiday destination but also because I’ve got family living there, so I try to fly down at least once a year. And for every visit, without fail, reserving a day to spend at The Point Shopping Mall is a must.


The Point is a beautiful mall located in Sliema – a central touristic town that’s on everyone’s Must-Go list, with lots of great sites and lush views, a bucketload of history, and plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop. The mall is a fantastic one-stop destination for all of the above, so you can hit a few birds with one stone and make an awesome day out of it.


Many people find my love for The Point odd – I’m from the UK and we’ve got loads of great, huge malls there, so in comparison, some might assume that I’d find it “underwhelming” – but on the contrary, I just love it, and everyone I “drag” along with me is always chuffed that I did!


So why do I always dedicate a day of my holiday for this mall? The answer isn’t just for shopping, although that’s a given. #shopaholic


First of all, it’s perfect all year through (especially since Malta has some intense weather extremes)! Hot summer day? Cool air-conditioning is your friend. Cold and rainy? You’re warm and protected! And my favourite time of year to visit – Christmastime! What a gorgeous vibe! There’s something special about being in a foreign country at Christmastime and the way they do it up and the atmosphere all around is just top notch.


Secondly, it’s a great place to go for absolutely anyone. Seriously, everyone is really well catered for, no matter the age, size, or budget. Take your kids, take your gran, take your dog, or go solo – whichever way, you’re going to have a great time.


Let’s talk about food – cause who doesn’t love food, right? Maltese people in general are quite the foodies, so it’s no surprise that the variety that you can find at this mall is super impressive! From the healthiest and most nutritional meals to the most ridiculously and deliciously indulging ones, you can satisfy just about any craving. On the go, sit and dine, whatever you prefer – anything is possible! 


When it comes to the outlets, a lot of the brands available are well-known brands that you can expect to find in just about any country, which is great, and there are even a few local brands too, so that’s pretty cool. All in all there’s a fantastic variety to cater for anyone and everyone.


All my Maltese friends and relatives love going to The Point as much as I do, so it’s surely a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike.


I’ll be coming down this December again and I’m really looking forward to my annual The Point shopping trip at my favourite time of year!


Cheerio for now,


Beth the Brit

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