Weekdays are usually pretty busy and rushed, so I try to reserve Sundays as my self-care days. Now self-care can take many forms, but if I had to pick a favourite, itโ€™s going for a nice long walk with my dog on Sliema front when the weather permits, and stopping by The Point for a little treat.


Itโ€™s so great to be able to include my girl Toffee on my outings โ€“ especially when sheโ€™s not just accepted, but also well taken care of. At all the mallโ€™s eateries that Iโ€™ve been to, the staff are always more than happy to provide a nice big doggy bowl full of water for her to freshen up, and I think thatโ€™s the sweetest thing. And itโ€™s great cause I typically treat myself to something fancy too (depending on how healthy I feel like being) while weโ€™re at it.


Toffee isnโ€™t a huge dog, but sheโ€™s not so tiny either โ€“ a medium-sized fluffy girl, and sheโ€™s always greeted with lots of smiles and the occasional pat on the head. The staff at all the outlets Iโ€™ve been in (which is practically all of them) are always super friendly โ€“ Iโ€™ve always felt incredibly welcome inside there with her.


Even at the management office, the team who run the mall are all really nice and friendly. I had to pop in to the Lost & Found (I accidentally left Toffeeโ€™s bag of treats on one of those bench seat things they have in the common area โ€“ for shame โ€“ but thankfully someone found it and took it back there, yay!), and they all came out to meet her and made us feel very comfortable.


I genuinely love going shopping there with Toffee, and she always has the best time meeting other people, children, and other dogs too. Plus thereโ€™s loads of exciting smells and sounds that are great stimulation for her, AND itโ€™s fully air conditioned so we can stay as long as we like (more shopping for me :D). Itโ€™s basically the perfect place to go together. ๐Ÿ™‚


Pets are part of the family and itโ€™s awesome when they get treated and respected as such, and if thereโ€™s one thing I can definitely say about The Point, itโ€™s that they really donโ€™t fall short of this.


So if anyoneโ€™s looking for a great place to take their pets, Iโ€™d happily recommend that you go there! ๐Ÿ™‚




A Happy Shopper and her Dog

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