Malta's Most Affluent
Shopping Destination

Current brand confidence in The Point Shopping Mall is at an all time high, and is rewarded with unrivalled success, with The Point outperforming by some margin all its peers and competitors for over a decade.

Commercial Opportunities

If you’re interested in a long-term retail or catering leasing opportunity at The Point we have a dedicated person available to discuss your requirements. For further information about available commercial opportunities please contact 

[email protected]

Island Pop-Up Retail space

The Point Shopping Mall Island Pop-Up Retail space is ideal for seasonal, event-specific and trend-based sales to maximize brand exposure. Whatever you are looking for bespoke mid-mall retail space or temporary store we can provide you with the ideal solution to enhance your sales. Please contact 

[email protected]

Experiential Marketing

There are multiple locations within The Point Shopping Mall that create a unique platform where you can reach a wide target audience, and be certain that your car promotions, product launches, demonstrations and sampling activities will be an outstanding success. For more information please contact us on [email protected]

In Motion HD Screen 3M x10M

This is a unique medium that delivers your message directly to a 25 million captive audience annually. Are you opening a new retail outlet? Advertising an event? Launching a new brand or product? Or just want to keep your brand in the public eye? Then this is the medium for you. For more details please write to [email protected]  – Please find further details, T&C and booking from within this link:
In Motion Advertising