I’ve never met a stadium I didn’t like… said no EA FIFA gamer! 🎮😎⚽

@TheLyonidas, @DisJinx, @Brandsha & @Spooner prove “the point” (pun intended)… that there’s no place better place than The Point to play FIFA!

Become The Point FIFA Tournament CROWNED CHAMPION 👑🎮⚽ and win*:

– €100 (one hundred euros) worth of Disrupt gift vouchers –for each player-, and

– The opportunity to play a show match during the Malta BOV ePremier League Grand Finals Weekend on the 28th / 29th of May.

Details here: https://bit.ly/ThePointFifa

*T&Cs apply.

📹 by @micagius

👖🩳👚👟 by @disruptmalta

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